Poetry: Snapple Cap Prompt

One of the things I liked most about my creative writing and poetry classes were that they gave us prompts (and due dates, to be honest). Of course, it’s nice to be inspired and write your own thing, no rules, but when you’re like me and you tend to let things slide and not push yourself then it’s constructive and helpful. I always felt I was better with prompts, because once you give my brain something to work with it will take it and go off on its own tangent. Sometimes I do find it hard to become inspired without prompting, which is something I should probably work on.

I don’t know if this is a well known prompt or not, but one of the fun prompts my poetry professor gave us in class was the “Snapple cap prompt.” If you’ve ever had a Snapple tea you know that on the bottom of the cap there is a random fact, kind of like a know-it-all fortune cookie.

The prompt is simple. You take your fact from the Snapple cap and write a poem based around it. I included the fact pretty much word for word in my poem, but you can do whatever you want. After all, it’s all about inspiring you to write something whether you want it for practice, to get out of a rut, or just for fun. In my opinion, the less rules the better so do whatever you want with it!

My prompt was “Dragonflies have six legs but cannot walk.” We probably only had about 10 minutes to write our poems because we were in class, but again you can do whatever you want since you don’t have a professor and class times to worry about. If it helps you to set a timer or a challenge for yourself then go for it. Here’s my attempt from a few years ago.2017-06-21

Obviously it’s not the most amazing poem ever written or anything, but it is a fun prompt to mess around with. I have to admit as well that I’m the weirdo who drinks Snapple for the deliciousness (obsessed with the peach tea) and forgets to read the fact. Next time I buy Snapple I’ll have to remember to actually check them and maybe I’ll get some fun prompts.


Poetry: Noise

Posting poetry on my blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but not something that comes easy to me. In fact I started this draft saved as “Poetry?” eight months ago, according to WordPress, and it’s been blank since then. I’ve always had a tough time sharing my writing with others even if they were the people closest to me, and sometimes even more so then.

I didn’t actually get into poetry until a class in college. At the time I was an English major with a Creative Writing minor (however, I eventually graduated with a degree in Public Relations after a series of……events). One of the courses we had to take was Intro to Creative Writing, which combined narrative writing and poetry writing. Before then I had never been super into poetry. I read a Shel Silverstein book here and there growing up and once on a middle school field trip, with a very long bus ride, we all passed around Ellen Hopkins’ book, Crank. Other than that I didn’t have a lot of exposure to anything poetry outside of English class and the “classics.”  I think I liked the idea of poetry and had been long obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabell Lee,” but had never really dabbled myself.

The first time I fell in love with poetry was in that Intro to Creative Writing class. I was exposed to new poetry and the professor taught us about the different uses of spacing visually and how we didn’t have to follow all of those strict grammar rules if we didn’t want to because…. free verse. Sure, there can be rules and guidelines and styles of writing poetry, but it can also be incredibly absurd in the best possible way. I found that poetry, to me, fell on paper much the way thoughts appeared in my brain. Thus, writing poetry myself gave me a sense of calm and clarity when my brain was at it’s noisiest.

Which brings me around full circle to the point of this post and what drove me to it. I had “one of those days” at work, and my brain was screaming and I just felt noise. That probably doesn’t make sense to everyone, but for those of you who know what I mean I’m sure also know how overwhelming and frustrating it can feel. On my drive home it was raining, finally, after a rather long dry spell involving a few wildfires. The rain was so calming and I knew I couldn’t go sit inside when I got home. I knew I needed a night to just unplug with the rain. As soon as I got home I took my dog out on the porch with me and started to write. It was such a calming exercise and something I should really do more. I might have been a little out of practice but it still helped me unwind.

Now before I talk myself out of posting this I’m just going to hit publish and leave. I’m not super confident or happy with it, but it is what it is. A first draft. An entry back into poetry.


2017-06-10 (1)


Buying ‘Garbage House’

It’s been a while since I posted my update mentioning that I was buying a house. For those of you who aren’t aware, the process can be (and was) long and grueling. However, I am happy to say as of May 31st I am officially a homeowner!

excuse the crummy cell phone quality

As you can tell by the name “Garbage House” and the sneak peak pictures in my last post about it, there will be some whopping before and after pictures coming. I still have some work to do before I can move in, but it’s getting very close. I’ve had a lot of help and am extremely grateful for all my friends and family that really did not have to contribute but did purely because they wanted to. That’s when you know you’ve surrounded yourself with some amazing people. I’ve had people painting inside and out, pulling out baseboards, and driving with me to Ikea just to lift my couch for me (with the help of a very kind stranger, because 98 lbs of me really wasn’t helping much on the other side). Not to mention my parents, who are the real MVP’s, doing literally everything else that needs to be done from electrical to air conditioning (yay Florida summer 💀🌴) to patching giant holes in my walls and ceiling.

Someone parked their car right in the middle of my picture. (okay it was me + laziness)

Bear with me on the quality of some of these “before” pictures throughout the posts. I tried to take pictures every step of the way but sometimes I wasn’t there and the result is very low quality pictures from my mom’s phone texted to me. It’s the “after” pictures that really count anyway, right? 💁

S T A Y     T U N E D
(for more pics & stuff, ya know?)


Friday Favourites: 24

What better way to get back into blogging than my favourite, Friday Favourites 😍

1. Skull Planter from Happy Planters

2. Virgo Necklace by Zenned Out; I actually just bought a similar necklace at Francesca’s but the dots were little stones instead.
3. 2 Ceramic Jars with a rad pattern by ONEandMany

4. Pineapple Airplants by Goodsmith Shop; how cute!

Okay now I super duper do need to go to work #foreverlate (just kidding that’s bad…)



Update (yikes)

I’ve definitely been blog-MIA for a few months…sorry, guys. To be fair, I don’t think I’ve really made enough of an impact for anyone to be bothered so I don’t have to hold myself that accountable. 😉👌

mangrove roots

I haven’t done much I promise. Nothing particularly bloggable that’s for sure. The most un-work thing I’ve done is take Adakias on a short beach trip for his birthday to walk amongst the mangroves (aka: we drove 10 minutes down the road and walked around for probably less than an hour, but at least we got our feet wet), and that was at the end of January. Other than that I’ve been pretty much working 7 days a week between full time doggie daycare job and picking up a nanny gig on my days off.

Adakias mangroves

In fact, I believe I was only going to have 2 days off for the entire month of March (and maybe around 3 in February) until I wound up getting sick on Sunday. The kind of sick that kept me bed ridden 2 days and the 3rd the most I managed to do was eat some food and do a load of laundry. I’m feeling much better now! Just the occasional wave of nausea and I’m not eating anything too adventurous yet. This involuntary purge has also rid me of caffeine for a few days, so I’m trying to keep away from that as much as I can for a little while. Explains the wicked headache I had while sick too.

In other news, and the much bloggable future, I’m buying a house! I have affectionately named it Garbage House, as you can see by the collage of pictures below I think its very aptly named. I can’t wait for some MAJOR before and after pictures, so definitely stay tuned for that.


Now that you guys are all caught up, I’ve got to dash off to work again *slowly dies inside*. Here’s to hopefully not working my life away once I get my house (can’t switch jobs while you’re getting a mortgage, even if your job is the worst) ✌️💀


Friday Favourites: 23

Happy Friday, guys!

1. Skull Soy Wax Candle by Nook and Burrow; I might have an unhealthy skull obsession.

2. ‘Clever Girl’ Jurassic Park Pin by Sweet and Lovely; it also comes in necklace form. 😍

3. Moon Phases Ring by Almanac for June

4. Hand painted Hedgehog Mug by Vitraaze; *squealing noises*

5. Succulent Monogram Letters by Succulent Wonderland; you can get any letters you want at just $120 a pop 😂

6. Large Concrete Planter from The French Vikings

As always, have a great weekend ✌️


Friday Favourites: 22

Back at it, guys, and I found some good ones this week! Check it.

1. Tie Dye Rope Dog Leashes by Green Trout Outfitters; I’ve posted these before, in fact I already own the aqua ombre one, but I just love them so much. I really REALLY want both of these, but I’m trying to save money right now for my house 💔

2. Baby Beni Vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug by Atelier688; I feel like this could be a really simple DIY project when I get my own place if I just found a plain rug and dyed or sewed the pattern into it.

3. Nocturn Alley Candle by Form & Flux; I just really love these candles guys. I think I want to buy like a million of them. LOOK IT HAS GLITTER

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Custom Puppy Portraits by Sidekick Portraits; This might be the cutest thing ever.

5. Mexican Blanket from Sonoran Supply Co; I’ve always had a thing for these blankets.

6. LG Phone Cases from Momscase; These are a little exciting to me because of the weird LGG4 shape with the buttons on the back. I love the phone, but they don’t make a lot of cases for it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and if you ever want to share some of your favourites with me just drop them in the comments! Especially if you make your own stuff, I love supporting individuals over corporations ✌️