Introduction: Chlxbee

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Hi all!

I just wanted to give a bit of an introduction on myself to give you some insight into the girl behind the keyboard and the type of content I will be posting in the future. Of course, all things are subject to change as we are ever evolving creatures and human nature is fickle.

As you might have guessed my name is Chloe, and thus my blog name is a play on this paired with the fact that I really love bees….like a lot. I think they’re absolutely fantastic. I am also an animal fanatic, with a great interest in working for an animal welfare nonprofit in the future. However, I have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree at 22 and many places are not eager to hire a young person who’s professional experience is limited to part-time retail jobs and internships.  For the time being, I am enjoying working at a doggie day care and spoiling my own fur babies rotten. I am definitely one of those crazy dog moms and you will see plenty of posts about my Little Wolf on here I’m sure. I have two cats as well, but they aren’t as spoiled when it comes to material things because…well they don’t really take an interest in them, so their spoiling is solely in cuddles and the occasional canned food.

Other random interests of mine that may pop up here and there are knitting, all things artistic, cooking, exploring, and spending too much money on things I don’t need (or at least saving them to my Etsy wishlist). I am also constantly on the hunt for good hair products as I have quite long hair that I have been dying since high school, yikes.

In an effort not to ramble on for too long I’m going to stop here, but in time I’m sure you will learn more about me through various posts. I hope you all have a lovely day!




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