Friday Favourites: 2

It’s that time of the week again, guys. Favourites!! *happy dance*

This week I have been a little obsessed with hair colour. This happens pretty regularly for me. Basically, if I have been rocking a semi-normal hair colour for too long, aka like 3 months, I start to get the “my-hair-needs-to-be-a-crazy-color-right-now” itch. Currently my hair is red violet brown, which is kind of purple-y but fades really quickly to a mostly auburn type color. Now I want purple. Real purple. Which brings me to my first favourite:

DSC_4478_grande1. Overtone Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner
I have not used this product yet, but I do hope to in the near future. I also may or may not already have a bottle sitting in my shopping cart waiting for check out. With crazy colours you always have to worry about damaging your hair, and the awesome thing about Overtone is that it’s a pigmented conditioner rather than a damaging dye so it’s actually conditioning your hair while depositing color. (it’s also vegan!) However, you do have to lighten your hair first depending on what colour you’re going for, which is where the damage comes in. Either way I’m super excited to try this product and I’m sure I’ll make a post about it if and when I finally take the plunge, and once I finally decide if I’m going to get extreme or vibrant purple.
Now that I’ve gotten my little hair rant out of the way we can continue onto the rest of this weeks favourites.

2. This simple Howlite stone necklace by Kucka. il_570xn-859348925_tfmu

3. I need these adorable little bee hair pins by dearwinsome. Okay, maybe I just want them but seriously… how cute would those be in PURPLE HAIR??

4. Anyone else get super nostalgic over old school friendship bracelets? This watch by beuniki makes the look totally “adult” enough to wear and maybe not look 12 (which I struggle with a lot).

5. I’m a little obsessed with the different textures of these West Elm pillows.

6. I’ve had my eye on this vegan leather jacket from Gypsy Warrior for months, and their Instagram account keeps reminding me that I don’t have it. Especially now that it’s on sale, but I still can’t justify spending $70 on it. Still…. #notyourbabe 👊

I think I’m gonna leave it on that sassy note this week. I’ll catch ya later, guys.



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