Friday Favourites: 3

It’s Friday. You guys know the drill. 👌

  1. In love with this daisy hair comb by Collected Edition (not so in love with the price)
  2. I’ve had a mega yearning for new bathing suits lately and this Victoria Secret bathing suit top is definitely high on that list.
  3. ….and so is this one (which unfortunately is “not currently available” in this colour) What can I say? I’m Florida born and raised. #midwinterbathingsuitshopping
  4. I’ve also really been wanting a new laptop lately since I’ve been spending so much time on my 5 year old HP that can’t hold a charge anymore and sounds louder than a dinosaur. It’s served me well so far, but seriously…how pretty is this HP Spectre x360?! That copper trim, though. *heart eyes* Realistically I won’t be getting one anytime soon though.
  5. I’ve been looking for a longer virgo constellation necklace to stack with my shorter virgo sign necklace that I wear on a near daily basis, and I kind of love this one from Zenned Out. I’m not even really into zodiac signs or horoscopes or anything, I just like the design and to me it’s more like a birthstone (sapphire ftw).
  6. Is it weird to like a stamp, because I’m super into these from extase.
  7. These are exactly the droids I’m looking for. (Prints from DEPdesigns)
  8. Emily Winfield Martin, the black apple on Etsy, is an amazing artists and I love her prints. It was kind of hard to narrow down my favourites, so instead of cluttering the post with a million pictures I’m just going to post a few and then highly suggest that you visit her shop to see the rest!
    How could you not love them??? I mean you could…but you would be wrong. (just kidding)

These posts are giving me too many excuses to browse cute shops online for hours. Then again, now I can just say I’m a very well informed shopper. Sounds like a good excuse to me!


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