Friday Favourites: 5

[Edit: This was supposed to be posted on Friday, obviously, but I accidentally forgot to schedule it, so it was just sitting in my drafts… whoops!]

Hey, guys, hope you had a great week and if you didn’t I hope next week is better. Either way let’s wrap it up with some favourites!

1. Handmade shoes from HerHis. Seriously, I need like all of these right now.

2. Screen-printed, 100% cotton, garden seeds tee from &Morgan

3. Cat nail decals from Obscura Outfitters

4. Olaplex. If you don’t know what this stuff is already, it’s an absolutely a-freaking-mazing hair treatment. It can be added to bleach or color when you’re dying it to help prevent and repair damage while you’re dying, or it can be used on it’s own (well, mixed with water) as a hair treatment. However, you have to have a licence to buy this stuff. Luckily, their website has a handy dandy salon locator tool so you can search for salons near you that offer Olaplex treatments! (in all truth though, I purchased some on ebay and it worked just as well for me) This stuff is so amazing it really deserves its own post. Whenever I eventually get around to doing my hair post this will definitely be in it, but since I am still working on getting my colour right I’m not sure when that will be.

5. I don’t have a baby, but these baby pacifier beards from Piquant Designs are killing me.





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