Little Wolf: March BarkBox

As the name implies this post is about the March BarkBox that Adakias just received in the mail this week. If you don’t already know, BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you a themed box full of treats and toys each month. You can find more information about products and pricing on their website, here. (p.s. if you place your order from that link you should receive 10% off your box AND BarkBox will donate $15 to Gulf Coast Humane Society, a no-kill shelter very near and dear to my heart)

I was actually very surprised that his BarkBox had already arrived when we got home from work on Wednesday (the 16th) because I had just received an email saying to expect it on the 22nd, but I am more than happy to get it early! This months theme was “Sherlock Bones,” which was of course adorable. However, Adakias was so tired from work that he wouldn’t even perk up to open his box.


I work at a doggie daycare, and am lucky to be able to bring my dog to work with me almost every day (If we’re extremely busy I have to leave him at home). I’m also grateful that this little brat gets along so well with virtually any dog. I’ve only ever had to keep him away from dogs that were themselves unfriendly or scared of him, and even then he is so non-reactive that he tends to keep the situation pretty mellow while we pull away the other dog. Basically, he’s perfect for the job. I do, in fact, use him as a tool at work because of this and he loves it. We have quite a few “problem dogs” at work that don’t get along well with most other dogs, which means we have to keep them separated and alone all day. Since bringing Adakias to work I have found that I can pull him out of his usual group and put him with at least 4 or 5 of our problem dogs so far when it’s their turn to go to the play yard. I feel like this is very important for the solo dogs, because nothing tires a dog out more than playing with other dogs and a tired dog is a happy dog. Seriously, I can take Adakias on as many walks as I want, but nothing will get rid of his devilish energy like rough housing with his pals. Also, I feel like it offers a good socializing experience for the problem dogs when they would normally just be playing by themselves.

Dogs enjoy sunbathing too. p.s. got to love Florida in the middle of “winter.”

Anyway, the point of that whole tangent was to tell you that on the particular day we received this BarkBox I had used Adakias in 3 separate play groups to tire out the other dogs. Boy, did he love it, but wow was he tuckered out at the end of the day. This is why he was falling asleep on his box, not because he wasn’t excited about it. As soon as I pulled out the first toy and started squeaking it, he took it from me….aaand then went immediately back to sleep. He also gave all the treats a good sniff and ate a couple in between dozes.

I swear this picture looks far less blurry on my Instagram

The first toy we got in the box was this adorable, squeaky telephone booth. Even though it looks plushy it’s not. It’s actually quite hard underneath the outer fabric design, which kind of feels like seat belt material. As I said it is a squeaky toy, though, so it does give a little, enough to squeak. Other than that it feels like maybe hard plastic or something on the inside. You can see in the picture it’s already covered in dog and/or cat hair of course.


The second toy that came in this months box was a little Sherlock Holmes himself. This one also makes noise, but is not a squeaky toy. It has one of those weird things inside it that makes noise when you shake it up and down, and it sounds like a strangled duck or something. This one is actually plushy as well. I also thought the little caution that came on the tag was funny: “Hound’s teeth in his houndstooth is fine, but he is not for consumption. Supervised play only. Remove immediately if things become detached, loose, or if it starts looking like an autopsy.


As per usual, the BarkBox also comes with 2 types of treats and a hard chew of some sort. This month I was super stoked to find out that one of the bags of treats happened to be lamb lungs. These are Adakias’s favourite treats ever and I happened to be running low as a result. The “lamb lung toasters” that came this month were Superior Farms Pet Provision brand. I neglected to take a picture as I immediately dumped the entire bag into his cookie jar with whatever was left from his last bag. Needless to say, they were a hit in this household. The second bag of treats were from Plato’s EOS line, and they were turkey with sweet potato. These treats are great because they’re grain free, all natural ingredients, and turkey is actually the main ingredient, followed by sweet potato.

Barely even woke up for treats.

The last thing from the box was a 3 pack of Smoking Gun Smoke Sticks by Bark & Co. I liked the fact that they were made of 50% pork loin and 50% sweet potato. My favourite ingredient lists are super simple with no funky wprds that I don’t know. However, as far as a “chew” goes these don’t last any longer than a normal treat. To give you a size reference, they were slightly thinner and slightly shorter than a pencil. Either way, they still make a nice treat for the boy, it’s just nothing that will keep him occupied for longer than 30 seconds.

I’m super excited for next month’s BarkBox, but kind of bummed that it will be our last. I didn’t actually purchase a subscription, a 3 month subscription was given to Adakias as a surprise gift from a friend. I never did make a post about last month’s box, but maybe I’ll do a quick recap of it later. As much as I would love to continue receiving BarkBox every month (it really is fun opening everything with your pup and watching them get excited too), I just can’t afford right now. Maybe someday we’ll get a subscription again. For now we’ll just wait impatiently till next month.





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