Friday Favourites: 6

In honor of National Puppy Day being this week, this FF is specially dog themed. Here’s some of my favourite super rad products and things for your canine companions, and even a little something for yourself. 👌

1. Jolly Ball; This sucker may not look like much, but I cannot recommend it enough for destructive dogs. As you may or may not know, I work at a doggie daycare and we typically get around 20-30 dogs a day. We have ONE of these balls that gets tossed around in every single group from “smalls” to “bigs” all day long, and it is still going strong. The size we have is about the size of the foam dodge balls we used to pelt each other with in gym class, and it’s perfect for everything from soccer to fetch. Soccer with this ball and one of our beagles is actually my favourite game at work, but our doodles really love to play fetch with it. It also floats in water if that’s more your style, and it can definitely take a beating as it’s been mauled on by our roughest, toughest Goose and survived. (Goose’s favourite toy is still the biggest rock he can dig up in the yard. Sorry, Jolly Ball.)

2. The Mucky Pup by Friendship Collar; I am without a doubt obsessed with Friendship Collar. They are seriously the cutest thing. You get a collar for your pup, and a matching bracelet for yourself! Who doesn’t want a friendship bracelet with their dog?? The only reason I haven’t ordered one yet is that when I initially went to order the Mucky Pup it was sold out in darn near every size. At the time I entered my email to be notified when they were restocked, but then in the time it took I changed my mind and couldn’t decide which one I like best. Of course, if I had $70 to blow on a dog collar/friendship bracelet then I would buy the Scaled Back collar ASAP. On the cheaper side ($35) I am leaning towards either Mucky Pup or Devoted Doggy. Sadly, both are still out of stock in large anyway.

Scaled Back

3. Green Trout Outfitters rope leashes; This is actually the leash I bought Adakias from GTO’s Etsy page (who is currently taking a break on orders to play catch up at the time of this posting) back when he was about 4 or 5 months old. Now he’s a year and 2 months exactly, as of this posting on the 25th, and it’s still the leash that I use every day. I really want to buy a new one, perhaps a new colour! Partially because I want a new colour, and partially because the rope at the ends is coming out a bit due to being heavily abused. It’s mostly just a cosmetic issue as the leash still holds fine. Look how pretty this leash was when we first got it! After almost a year of being dragged on the ground, hosed down and soaped up for baths, and tugged at when he sees a squirrel (he’s really not a bad puller other than that), this leash looks a little grungy and worse for wear. The white is not quite so white anymore… and the beautiful blue has faded as well. When the Etsy shop is up and running again I would love to get my hands on another one of these leashes. I absolutely adore the one I have now (pictured below) and I get lots of compliments on it.

4. ResQwalk is a free app, available on iOS and android, that lets you track your walks by GPS and earn money for your chosen animal welfare nonprofit. It’s honestly one of the coolest apps I’ve ever come across, and I love the idea. You don’t have to limit yourself to walking either. As long as you’re going under 14 mph the app will let you track walking, running, biking, or whatever up to 30 miles a day. If you’re an active person, or looking for motivation to be active, I highly recommend this app because you can get your exercise in and work toward your goals all while helping animals in need! I used this a lot when I was a dog walker. Every day I would pick up my client’s dog to start our hour long walk, and earn money for Gulf Coast Humane Society (my chosen nonprofit). It was also cool to track our walks for the week and at the end I could tell the owners how far their dog walked in miles and even show them the exact route if I wanted to.

5. The Honest Kitchen dog food; I haven’t actually tried this stuff yet, however I am super interested in it and might at least try a sample soon. Their food is made with all human grade ingredients, grain free or whole grain options available, and it’s dehydrated so you just add water and it makes a delicious meal for your pup. This also means that, according to their website, a 10 lb box makes the equivalent of 40 lbs of food once you’ve added the water. Their prices are actually a lot more reasonable than I initially thought they were going to be as well. I compared their price for the Embark grain free turkey dog food, $94.99 for 40lbs, to Adakias’s current kibble (Simply Nourish), $49.99 for 24 lbs, and it really comes down to a matter of cents. Divided out, Embark would cost $2.37 per pound, while Simply Nourish cost $2.08. A whopping 29 cent difference per pound, and that’s comparing it to a relatively cheap food, so it would actually be cheaper than a lot of the pricier brand kibbles. If anyone has tried Honest Kitchen let me know! I’m very intrigued by them.


I could probably come up with more for this list, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to spend on blogging lately, and I must be headed off to the daycare now. Hope everyone had a good week!



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