Friday Favourites: 10

Last week is the first week I've skipped my FF post. It was bound to happen eventually. Honestly, I'm surprised I made it this long, but a little upset that I made it so close to double digits and then failed. Oh well! Here's this weeks: 1. "The Floral Awakens" travel mug by Josh Ln... Continue Reading →

Branching Out: Comfort Zones

As I mentioned in my previous "Branching Out" post, these are all about trying new things, and even getting back into things that I've gotten out of the habit of doing for a while. This particular post deals with a little of both, or rather the antithesis of, really. If you think about the opposite... Continue Reading →

Mini Haul: Victoria’s Secret

So last night I may have spent a good while on the Victoria's Secret website after receiving an email full of promo codes from them (good marketing, guys). I'd say I fell for their trap, but I ain't even mad because I got a hella good deal. I have to say this is the most... Continue Reading →

Little Wolf: April Bark Box

Yippee, it's Bark Box time again! It's always fun coming home to a box of surprise goodies and getting to check them all out. Adakias wasn't nearly as tired this month when we got the box, probably because today was our day off work. He still didn't jump for joy, because that just wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Friday Favourites: 9

F is for Friday, F is for Favourites. F might be my new favourite letter. 1. Wall Tapestries by Cassidy Rae Limbach; I'm utterly obsessed and I need like 20 for my house. Cassidy Rae's prints got me feeling some type of way, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't obsessing over the... Continue Reading →

Fancy’s Southern Cafe

As I may have mentioned before, I am a recent graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, which happens to be located in the ever so mediocre city of Fort Myers, FL. I suppose Fort Myers Beach is a popular spring break location.... but other than that I don't know what draws people to the area.... Continue Reading →

Mini Haul: Loft and DTSP

Okay, because I'm practically broke 90% of the time, just graduated college, and don't have a "real adult job" (as my parents like to call it) yet these posts probably won't happen very often. When they do I will basically be posting things I bought either on a specific shopping trip or picked up throughout... Continue Reading →

Friday Favourites: 8

Happy Friday, guys! 1. Edward Scissorhands Enamel Pin from Gypsy Warrior; this pin combines my love of Edward Scissorhands with a conversation that I have basically every day. Being in a long-distance "thing"'s complicated.  💀 Either way I want it, but $14 is a bit steep for a joke. 2. Postcard by Chamchi Chamcha... Continue Reading →

Friday Favourites: 7

Fun Fact: 7 is one of my favourite numbers. Quite appropriate for a FF, wouldn't ya say? My actual favourite is 57, and there is literally no reasoning behind that. 1. Colourpop Trap; if you don't already use Colourpop products you totally should. They're amazing, and quite literally the only make-up thing I own. To... Continue Reading →

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