Friday Favourites: 7

Fun Fact: 7 is one of my favourite numbers. Quite appropriate for a FF, wouldn’t ya say? My actual favourite is 57, and there is literally no reasoning behind that.

1. Colourpop Trap; if you don’t already use Colourpop products you totally should. They’re amazing, and quite literally the only make-up thing I own. To be fair, I only started wearing lip colour within the past two years or so and I don’t use anything else. (I did buy like 3 eye shadows from Colourpop as well and I keep telling myself I’m going to wear them, but I’ve literally only worn Get Lucky once and it was on Halloween. Nothing against their product, eye shadow is just a little out of my comfort zone still!) There stuff is also super cheap, $5-$6 for basically everything, and almost all of it is vegan. Here’s a picture of me wearing Trap, my favourite Ultra Matte lip so far, and cheesin’ with Abigail.

2. Alice in Wonderland pillow by Alien Couture


3. Adventure Book by Scraperia; How cute is this copycat of the adventure book from Up? It comes with 20 blank pages, stickers, and photo corners to fill with your own adventures!

4. Headband from Minita Studio

5. Yoga tank by Hows My Downdog?

Have a great weekend, y’all, and watch out for April Fools pranksters today!



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