Friday Favourites: 8

Happy Friday, guys!

1. Edward Scissorhands Enamel Pin from Gypsy Warrior; this pin combines my love of Edward Scissorhands with a conversation that I have basically every day. Being in a long-distance “thing” sucks….it’s complicated.  💀 Either way I want it, but $14 is a bit steep for a joke.

2. Postcard by Chamchi Chamcha Crafts; I don’t really know in what circumstances I would send this as a postcard, but I just happened to find this card after an extremely relevant conversation about how fragile I am in this hateful world and it stuck with me.

3. Raw Hammered Copper Business Card and Pencil Holders by Yancy Lighting; I just think these would look cute on my desk if I actually had a job that required these things…

4. Resin Cat or Crow Skull Earings by Skullyssa; is it weird to think these are cute? Nah.

5. Colouring Pages for Adults by AndSmile; from the shops description “Might contain a lot of patterns, feminist agenda and may be addictive.” Perfect.
AndSmile also has lots of cute prints you should go check out!


I know my only recent posts lately have been FF’s, but I promise I’m working on others! One of them has just been taking me a couple weeks to write because I can’t bring myself to do it (a bit ironic when you actually see it what it’s about). I also went out of town last weekend, which was great because I got to see some wonderful people, whom I miss dearly (*cough* Ryan, who comments on half my posts *cough*). I plan on writing a post about one of the places we went to over the weekend as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Byeeeeeee



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