Mini Haul: Loft and DTSP

Okay, because I’m practically broke 90% of the time, just graduated college, and don’t have a “real adult job” (as my parents like to call it) yet these posts probably won’t happen very often. When they do I will basically be posting things I bought either on a specific shopping trip or picked up throughout the week in true “treat yo self” fashion. Well I suppose it may not always be mini…but odds are it will be due to the aforementioned reasons.

I started off my weekend by going to Downtown St. Pete (DTSP) on Saturday with a couple friends. Downtown is my favourite place to be. I was born in raised in St. Pete, FL, but it didn’t really get cool until I left for college. In the 4 and a half years I was gone, downtown transformed into a pretty rad place to hang out and find all the best restaurants and shops. In fact, I should really start doing some posts on my favourite places downtown. *takes mental note*

I did only buy a couple things this weekend because downtown is usually rather pricey, but they do tend to be good quality. Both of the things I purchased on Saturday were things I had seen on a previous trip downtown and could not stop thinking about, so I knew they were worth the splurge this time around. The first was a Smith Wicks Soy candle from Strands of Sunshine. These candles smell amazing and they’re the first thing that hits you when you walk in the shop because they always have one burning. The hardest part of my decision was picking which scent to buy because there’s so many good ones. They have a whole wall of them in the back right across from the register. I finally decided on Tea Zing because it smells light, fresh, and a little bit floral. These single-wick candles cost $15 and burn for several hours. So far I have burnt mine for probably around 4 hours and it has only gone down like half an inch.

The second thing I bought downtown was actually two things purchased together from The Rock Shop. One is a Mokaite Jasper bracelet and the other is a Tiger’s Eye bracelet. Supposedly, they will bring me wealth and creativity. I just thought they looked pretty. Though I wouldn’t turn either of those things down if they came my way. The bracelets are $10 a piece and I’d be lying if I said I was going to stop at two. However, in my budget two is good for now. Next time I’m thinking of getting onxy and amethyst…unless I change my mind by then which is always highly likely.


The second part of my mini haul took place Sunday. My mom and I drove to Tampa to do some shopping, mostly for my mom, but being the wonderful person that she is she bought me a few things as well. Shout out to mom: forever helping me create and “adult” wardrobe and ditch some of my high school clothes. We had to drive separately because I had to leave early for work, so I really only got to look in one store; my own fault for wasting time on food. Psych! A philly steak and green tea latte are never a waste. With my limited time I decided to go in Loft first, because well… always have to stop in Loft! Ann Taylor Loft is the one grown up store that I actually like, and even some of their stuff makes me want to run back across the mall towards Pacsun and Cotton On. I am so not ready to be an adult. Then again, I did find some pretty cute stuff today. Not to mention all three things I got were 50% off, and that wasn’t even intentional! I found them in 3 completely separate areas of the store.

The first thing I found was this shirt, which is actually a little more orange in person than in these pictures where it looks mostly red. I’m kind of in love with it, and after the 50% off it was only $27.49. Not the cheapest, but pretty good for Loft.

The second thing I found was this scarf, which my mom and I actually plan on sharing so it’s not technically mine. After the 50% off the scarf came out to $12.49.

The last thing I found was this super amazingly comfy dress, and guys…. it has pockets! The dress was also probably the best deal because after the 50% off it was only $29.99. They had the exact same dress in a different colour/pattern and I really wanted to get both and just live in them because of how comfortable they are, but the other was newer and still full price ($60 yikes).


Also, forgive the colour being a little off in this last picture compared to the others. As I was wrapping up taking pictures of everything my phone battery hit 5%, at which point it will no longer let me use my camera. However, I sneakily get past this by using the camera in Snapchat and then saving it. The quality isn’t as good, but I really didn’t feel like waiting to charge my phone even a little. Oh well!

I also wanted to show you guys this candle in that I bought my mom for Mother’s Day, even though that’s still a few weeks away. Last weekend when I was in Fort Myers, I was walking around Coconut Point Mall with a friend and found this gem in Francesca’s. It was only $10 and it smells of gardenia. I figured even after she burns the candle she can take out the rest of the wax and use the cute little tin for something, maybe on her bathroom counter or her desk at work.



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