Little Wolf: April Bark Box

Yippee, it’s Bark Box time again! It’s always fun coming home to a box of surprise goodies and getting to check them all out. Adakias wasn’t nearly as tired this month when we got the box, probably because today was our day off work. He still didn’t jump for joy, because that just wouldn’t be him (he really only gets that excited for humans he likes and other dogs). Even though he doesn’t outwardly show his excitement, he happily and greedily takes all the treats when offered and shoves his nose all over the new toys.


This month’s box is baseball themed, quite appropriate since I just attended my first Rays game of the year on Friday. It even came with a cute card that you’re supposed to take your pup’s picture with and post using the #BarkBall (you can find another one of Adakias on my Instagram as well). He’s just so stinking cute, and the squirrel stat is definitely accurate.


The first toy we pulled out of this box was the “Yogi Barka Mitt” that has a squeaker in the palm and crinkly sounding stuff in the fingers. Even though Adakias hasn’t shown much interest in it yet, I feel like it is something he would like. However, he was much too interested in the second toy to give this one much of a chance.


The second toy, and quite possibly his new favourite overall, was the “Buns of Anarchy” hamburger toy. I am a little enamored with this one. The whole toy overall is plushy and the top bun has a squeaker in it which Adakias loves, but what caught my attention was that it pulls apart into four different sections (top bun, bottom bun, lettuce/tomato, and beef/cheese) that are attached by velcro. This might seem like a weird thing to be excited about, but when you have a dog like mine it makes sense. See, Adakias likes to rip holes in plush toys and pull out the stuffing bit by bit like it’s a game and leave it all over the house. My hope with this toy is that he will get the fun of pulling the sections apart, but still leave the toy intact. Thus far he has entertained himself just by throwing it around and chewing on it, almost as if he were trying to take a bite out of the burger.



Last but not least, we have the treats. This month came with Triple Cheese Baseball Treats by House of Pups, which we have already tried and Adakias approves of because they are the meaty kind. On the other hand, I’m a little worried he won’t like the Bocce’s Bakery treats because they are the dry biscuit kind that he tends to not be a fan of. Also, I have bought him Bocce’s treats before as a joke stocking stuffer because they were “coal” treats, and he can be quite naughty at times, but he didn’t really like them. I’m hoping these are different because the flavor is “sliders,” so we shall see. Lastly, the chew treat this month is a “thinkers duck” by Plato Pet Treats. I already like the brand because of the treats we got from them in last month’s Bark Box, so I was excited to see something else from them. The chew is actually quite a nice size, a little less than a foot long, so I broke it in half to get more use out of it. I try to give Adakias a treat whenever I leave the house because of his separation anxiety, in an effort to make it as positive an experience as possible. In which case, it is always nice to have treats on hand. The more the merrier in my book. I did give him half of the chew when we left to get dinner and he didn’t destroy anything while we were gone, so I’m going to take that as a good sign and give this treat a thumbs up.


Unfortunately, since we received our Bark Box subscription as a gift this will be our last post on them for now. It was nice while the three months lasted and I would definitely recommend it to people who can afford it, but it just doesn’t fit in my budget right now. Maybe someday I’ll sign up again. Till then!



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