Mini Haul: Victoria’s Secret

So last night I may have spent a good while on the Victoria’s Secret website after receiving an email full of promo codes from them (good marketing, guys). I’d say I fell for their trap, but I ain’t even mad because I got a hella good deal. I have to say this is the most I’ve ever spent there at one time, buuut that’s also because I just graduated and college students usually can’t afford to splurge that much. I usually just buy one bra at a time and then cry about how expensive it is whilst lounging around enjoying the comfort and prettiness of my new bra, which will then be my favourite until I can afford to buy another (far and few between).

However, this time the promo codes that got me were for swimwear. I’d still be lying if I said I didn’t wind up buying bras as well, BUT the main focus was swimwear. I was going to wait until my things arrived in the mail to write this post, and then I realized that I wouldn’t be posing in my bra to post pictures anyway so I might as well just write it now.

The first promo code I got in the email (and is listed on their website as well) is SWIM20 for 20% off all swimwear. If you guys remember my Friday Favourites: 3 then you’ll remember that I was obsessing a bit over Victoria’s Secret bathing suits. Obviously this promotion made me a little excited, but I still didn’t think I was actually going to buy anything when I clicked the link over to the website. Boy, was I wrong. Now on to the fun part, what I bought!

(The promo says that it excludes clearance, but I’m not exactly sure which pieces where clearance because all the pieces I bought were on sale and the promo still took 20% off the sale price. )


I got both of these bottoms for $10 a piece! They were on sale for $12.50 plus the promo code.


I bought the top and bottom to this suit and I’m super excited about it. They don’t have a picture of the back of the suit in this colour, so below is what it looks like in a different colour because look how cute that strappy back is! Can you tell I’m a little excited? I’m a Florida girl, and I love me some bathing suits.

The top was on sale for $16.50 and the bottoms for $12.50, and again the promo code took an additional 20% off of that.


In addition to all that I also used the promo code for a free roundie beach blanket (BLANKET50), because free things are great and you can never have too many beach blankets. The pattern isn’t really something I would pick myself, but hey it’s free and I have really been wanting a round beach blanket. I actually had one to put in my Friday Favourites weeks ago, but had issues with the picture being way too small to upload so I gave up on it and by the next week I forgot.


That’s all the swim related things I bought, so on to the bras. This is the only full price thing I bought, and that’s because it was only $25 and I really need a sports bra that actually fits. All of my previous sports bras are from Target, and the bane of my existence because boobs are not S/M/L. I’m sorry but if bras come in a various array of numbers and letters, why are sports bras reduced to small, medium, or large? It just doesn’t make sense. Especially when you’re an odd size. Being a 32 D, either the band fits and the cup is too small, or the cup fits and the band is too big. Either way it’s uncomfortable and not very helpful. Moral of the story, I’m very very very excited for this sports bra and I’m probably going to have to remind myself that I can’t wear the same bra to work every day (my job is very active, so sports bras are nice).


The last 2 things I bought were on sale together with the 2 for $49.50 deal (which is great when I usually spend more than that on just one). I’m very excited for the strappy back one, though I don’t think I actually own a shirt like the one that I’m picturing in my head that would go perfectly with it. I may have to go thrift store hunting and get creative.


The last promo code I used was SHIP50 for free standard shipping, which brought my grand total to $124.76 after tax. I can’t wait till it all comes in the mail, because who doesn’t love a new bra (sorry, dudes reading this, if you made it this far) and I’ve been dying to go to the beach more especially since it’s been getting so hot lately. I may update this post after everything comes in and I can try it all on, and can vouch for the fit and quality (though it’s VS, so I already own plenty and pretty much know the quality).

Hope you all enjoyed my caffeine fueled post, and head over quick if you want to snag some of the great deals I did! (Seriously, 3 bikini bottoms, 1 top, a sports bra, and 2 cute bras for $124?? I could pick 2 full priced bras from them and spend more than that.)

Till next time ✌️



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  1. Im still struggling to figure out how women manage to actually afford clothing. I feel lucky, even if I gotta buy so much cycling clothing. A pair of the shorts I like are 20 bucks for the under part (with padding) and the over set is 60… But still, that is insane. Though the patterned bra looks very nice.


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