Friday Favourites: 11

I’ve been a little busy over the past couple weekends and let the FF posts slip through the cracks, so I let this one go a little longer to make up for it…..and if I’m being completely honest, “busy” might possibly mean binge watching the heck out of of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, I have actually been going out and doing things more on my days off. In fact I had two friends visit last week, 1 on each of my days off, and got to go to the dog beach and downtown. Anyway, here’s some favourites I’ve been storing up in the meantime.

1. Bangle & Charm Keychain by Jill Makes

2. Pemberley Park Candle by Hearth and Hammer; based on Jane Austen’s description of Mr. Darcy’s estate in Pride and Prejudice, “an original scent of sweet golden rose blended with notes of white tea and fern.” It took me about .2 seconds to become obsessed with this candle and I need to buy it ASAP. I’m a sucker for literary candles. My friend got me an Edgar Allan Poe inspired candle for Christmas a couple years ago and I absolutely adore it.

3. Morse Code Necklaces by Clementine

4. Bon Tea homemade teabags by Lai Goods; I’m partially adding these to my favourites list to remind me to check back on them later as the etsy shop is currently taking a short break, but how cute are they??

5. Some Things Take Time print from Congo Studio; something I need to focus on.

6. Wall Longboard Rack from MEOLLO; not overly interesting on its own, but something I need all the same to hang up my lovely Arbor board.

7. Big Spoon/Little Spoon Pillow Covers by Zana; currently the little spoon is my cat, but that doesn’t make these pillow covers any less cute.

8. This adorable clutch also by Zana; I’m becoming quickly obsessed with this shop.

9. Bee Mug by Barbarah Robertson Pottery; if “heart eyes” was an emotion that’s how I would describe my feelings toward this mug.

10. Marble Coasters & Copper Nest by Marble and Metal

Peace out, guys, see ya next weekend.



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