Friday Favourites: 13

I keep seeing “Friday Favourites: 13” and thinking that it’s Friday the 13th, which I love. Now I’m just disappointed that it isn’t. Guess I’ll just wish you all a Happy Friday the 10th. Not quite as effective is it? Let’s just make my first favourite of the week Friday the 13th, now on to the rest….

2. Neon Sign by Marcus Conrad Poston; I’m kind of obsessed with this shop and the fact that I could decorate my house with neon signs. You know… if I had $1,450 to spend on a cool light.

3. Needlepoint wall hanging by Breezebot Punch; anyone else super stoked about Alice Through the Looking Glass? I do so love Alice in Wonderland.

4. Moon Glow Wall Tapestry by Brenda Erickson; this tapestry plus that neon sign. Who even needs a headboard? I would just put those two above my bed.

5. Skull Terrarium by Form & Flux; I NEED ONE.

6. Purple Agate Coasters from lilpengeeGems

7. Washi Tape from Love My Tapes


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8. Bean Bag from My Beach Side Style

Peace out till next week, guys ✌️



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