Friday Favourites: 15

Happy Friday, everyone! My favourites this week all seem to be a little home-y, but I just can’t help it. I want to move out so bad and I’m itching to decorate a new place. I feel like by the time I get a place I’m going to have so many decorating ideas that I won’t know which ones to choose.

1. Hanging Wire Baskets by Charest Studios; these would be so cute in the kitchen and could potentially help keep avocados away from my sneaky pup if hung high enough (seriously the boy is avocaddicted, he manages to find them every time they’re in the house and he’s left alone).


2. Succulent Flower Wall Mirror from fluxglass; such a pretty wall accent, they also have a cute (& much cheaper) mountain scene mirror that I’m partial to.

3. Narnia Pine Candle from Form & Flux; “a blended scent of icicles, pine needles and wood cuttings” *heart eyes*

4. Bedside Wolf Lamp from Sturlesi Design; for my Little Wolf, of course.

5. Chasing Paper Removable Wallpapers; I’ve followed Chasing Paper on Instagram for inspiration for a while now and I’m obsessed. I 100% plan on trying their removable wallpapers when I finally get my own place. They even sell sample sizes if you just want to try it out, which may help practice to make sure I don’t muck it up beforehand. “Peel. Stick. Love.”

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Hasta luego ✌️



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