Mini Haul: Colourpop

This mini haul is actually really, really late. I got these probably a few months ago now and I’m just now getting around to posting. The pictures are old too because I took them pretty much right away when I got these, except for Botanical because I have yet to actually wear it out. In fact, I kept putting this post off because I was going to add a picture of Botanical, but at this point I’ve given up. I’m just not a fan of Botanical, the colour is way too bright for me and it looks ridiculous.

I usually wait until Colourpop sends an email out with a new coupon code and then buy a few more colours for my collection. This time around I bought Chi Chi, Grunge, Botanical, and the Lippie Primer. Below are pictures of me wearing Chi Chi and Grunge, and all were prepped with the lippie primer first. I got the primer because my lips are constantly dry and it makes putting anything on them, especially the ultra mattes, difficult and it comes out looking cracked. The primer definitely helped for me.

Chi Chi 






The picture below is from Colourpop’s website on their ultra satin lip page, and is the reason I bought Botanical. I really loved this colour when I saw it and I couldn’t find anywhere that would tell me what it was. I wound up guessing that it must be from the spring collection since it had just come out and they would want to advertise new product. From that line I guessed botanical because it seemed like the closest description at the time… I know I was very wrong. I guess I should have realized that they weren’t just batting around the word “neon.” Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll figure out some way to wear the bright highlighter colour without looking ridiculous.


On the other hand, if anyone happens to know which colour this is please to let me know in the comments because it’s driving me nuts. ✌️



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