Ink: The Beginning

As I mentioned in my Quick Update post, I recently got my first tattoo. This is kind of huge for me because it’s something I have been wanting for as long as I can remember, tattoos that is, not this design in specific. However, I have known for a few years at least that I wanted a piece that incorporated bees and flowers, though it has evolved over time.


In my mind it started as a single bee and then gradually I decided I wanted to add in flowers and create an entire thigh piece. I went back and forth on styles and types of flowers constantly. I actually settled on an artist before I finally settled on the types of flowers I wanted, but as soon as I picked them I knew. It was like fitting the right puzzle pieces together and all of the sudden it just clicks.


Tickseed was the first flower I decided I had to have, because it’s the state wildflower of Florida. Being Fl born and raised, I was sold once I made the connection. Plus if you haven’t seen our wildflower it’s adorable (yellow flower pictured above). Then I started looking at different plants that attract bees and settled on lavender (which I am obsessed with, both the color and smell) and catnip (for obvious reasons…because cats).


I found the artist, Ashley Stover at Niteowl Tattoo, on Instagram after a friend of mine posted a picture of her new Amy Winehouse tattoo. After I looked at her other work and found a few pieces in the style I liked, I sent her an email and the rest is history. Ashley was super nice and a really chill/relaxed person to work with. She made me feel at ease the whole time and put extra effort into making sure I was okay since it was my first tattoo, which wasn’t hard because I had no problems with it.




I basically just told Ashley the style of tattoo I liked (this sort of illustrative line work) and that I wanted to incorporate those 3 types of flowers, bees, and honeycomb. A few weeks later I had my appointment at NiteOwl and finally got to see what she had designed for me. I was in love with it as soon as she showed me the drawing. Honestly, it was better than anything I had pictured in my mind and I could not have been happier. It took about 3 hours to complete in one sitting. Now I have this beautiful piece of artwork with me wherever I go. Good thing I live in Florida and have ample opportunity to wear shorts and show it off. ✌🏿



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