5 Things Before Noon

Due to the type of job that I have my work shifts are generally all over the place and change weekly, so it’s near impossible to get on a good schedule. Especially when you wind up with “clopen” shifts. If you don’t work in retail or a similar type of public service job, or have just never heard the term “clopen” it’s when you have a closing shift one night and then open the store the next morning. It’s super great (*sarcasm*) because you wind up getting like 5 hours of sleep or less sometimes. Of course, it depends on what time your store opens and closes, but considering I work with dogs we can’t really leave them for too long. Even though our market doesn’t open until 10 the workers in the hotel (which is my job) still have to be in by 6 or 7 in the morning to start feeding and walking the dogs.

Miraculously this week my schedule is actually 5 consistent days and times in a row, which is super rare. It’s a bit of a bummer because I don’t have any morning shifts so I won’t be getting out of work until 8 or 9 every night, but it is kind of nice that I will actually be working the same time every day this week. I’ll even get a Wednesday/Thursday “weekend,” which is just what I consider getting two days off in a row  (we rarely get Saturdays or Sundays off).

Since I won’t be going into work until noon every day for the next 5 days I’ve decided to challenge myself to wake up early instead of sleeping in till 10:30-11ish, and be productive with my time. For these next 5 days I’m challenging myself to do 5 things before noon. In all honesty it will actually be before 11:30ish because then I have to leave for work, but that doesn’t work as well for a challenge title.

My 5 Things Before Noon:

I. Yoga – I’m going to try and start the morning doing at least a 10 minute yoga video. I love yoga, but I’m awful at following through and keeping up with things. I’m pretty sure my yoga mat has been rolled up in the closet for months. I may throw in some other exercises as well if I feel like it but this is at least my starting point.

II. Writing – This could be blog posts, or poetry, or really anything. I just want to make sure I dedicate some time to sitting down and writing. Far too often I let distractions get in the way. Even writing this post took me 2 days because I started it and then got distracted watching a bunch of Youtube videos. This writing time will be distraction free. I may put some non-disruptive music on or something, but I’m not going to let myself put on Netflix or Youtube like I typically do.

III. Portfolio – I’m not 100% positive on how I want to do this yet, but I’ll allow for brainstorming during this time as well. Basically, I graduated with my degree in Communication and a focus on Public Relations in December and I have yet to find a job in my field. Ideally, I really wanted to work for an animal welfare nonprofit as the Events Coordinator or a similar position. Essentially I’d do all the fundraising events and such, and typically run the social media as well. The problem is nobody wants to hire a kid fresh out of college with nothing but internship experience. I’ve had a few interviews but they all wanted the people with years of PR experience over me. I want to dedicate this time in the morning to making theoretical social media plans, events, or anything that I would be doing in my ideal job and add it to a sort of portfolio that I could show a future employer. I’m also interested in finding something like a smaller volunteer run nonprofit that would perhaps let me help run the social media or something just to get experience, while still fitting around my work schedule.

IV. Crafts – I have a lot of arts and crafts type stuff and I hardly ever do anything with it. I am also the absolute worst at starting things and never finishing them. I currently have unfinished paintings, knitted blankets, and other various projects littered throughout my room. I want to take this time to work on finishing some of those and possibly starting other smaller projects that can be finished in one go.

V. Purge 5 things – I tend to collect a lot of clutter. I don’t mean to… but it happens. Plus, I moved from my duplex in college back into my room at my parents, so I have a house full of junk in one tiny room (minus the furniture which we sold most of). My room has literally never been clean since I moved back in December because there’s just too much stuff. Some of it is even still stacked in boxes, so I want to take this time to clean small sections of my room a little bit every day and to purge at least 5 things that I really don’t need.

This is my challenge for the next 5 days, and I will be posting updates on how I’m doing with it all. I may continue next week depending on my work schedule, which I won’t know until near the end of the work week (running Friday to Thursday). For now, wish me luck. ✌️



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