5 Things Before Noon: Day 1

Day 1 of my 5 Things Challenge went a little like this:

I. Yoga – Check.
I did a 10 minute yoga video this morning that was a moderate success, but certainly made more difficult by my dog. Nonetheless, I still did it.

II. Writing – Check.
Today’s writing wasn’t much, but I’m still counting it. I did my Friday Favourites post because it’s Friday and otherwise it wouldn’t have been done. Granted it really isn’t much in the way of writing, but I said I would count blog posts (and I’m also writing this one).

III. Portfolio –  Check.
I worked on a Fact Sheet for a local nonprofit that I would theoretically love to get a job at if the position opened up. I should start volunteering and getting involved with them, but unfortunately my work schedule doesn’t give me weekends off almost ever and that is generally speaking when a lot of events are. The fact sheet helped me get to know the nonprofit better as well as working on some PR formatting that I haven’t used in a while.

IV. Crafts – Check.
I didn’t have a lot of time for this one (especially since my cat jumped on my keyboard and hit some button that made it not function correctly and I had to scramble to figure it out for 15 minutes so I could post this before leaving for work), but instead of just skipping it and doing nothing I decided to purl one row of the blanket I’m knitting. It’s just one panel of the blanket so it’s not even very big, but I figure it’s better than nothing. Baby steps.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check.

  1. A pair of work pants that ripped in the butt over a month ago, but I haven’t thrown them out yet because they were my favourite pair and I’m upset about it.
  2. Hand-me-down shorts from an old roommate that fit, but I have never worn. Note even once in the year or so that I’ve had them.
  3. A beanie that I’ve had since high school and haven’t worn in years.
  4. TMNT arm bands and keychain, these were a cute birthday present from a co-worker but I don’t have any real use for them so I’m going to give them to my little cousin.
  5. Crispy M&M’s that are of an uncertain age. They’re actually one of my favourites, which goes to show how little I eat candy.


Here’s to tomorrow hoping I can do the same if not better! Though it’s a Saturday so the house will be full. I may have to keep myself shut in my room away from distractions or something.


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