5 Things Before Noon: Day 2

Day 2 went moderately well, but I did cheat a bit. This was because it is a Saturday and while I still have the same amount of time before work, my family was also home from work whereas normally they’re at work. On top of that, my cousin and his fiance came by with their baby so I wanted to spend time visiting with them.

I. Yoga – Check.
This one is sort of a half check really. I said I would do at least a 10 minute video and I only did a 5 minute one this morning. Technically I picked the video itself because it was 10 minutes long, but as soon as it started the instructor started talking about how this was a 5 minute routine she does when she doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning. Instead of picking another video I just did that one and then did a few extra stretches of my own since I went to bed with wet hair and woke up with a really stiff neck and back, which I guess counts.

II. Writing – X.
Due to spending time with my baby cousin I skipped this one today. Family is important.👍

III. Portfolio – Check.
I continued to work on the fact sheet from yesterday for the same nonprofit. Yesterday I worked on a section about their history and today I moved on to talk about their veterinary clinic. If you’re curious and don’t already know what it is I want to do, I want to work for an animal welfare nonprofit doing the events and social media type stuff. Of course, it’s nonprofit so you really wind up doing whatever it is they need you to in addition.

IV. Crafts – X.
Same as writing, I skipped this one today to spend time with my baby cousin, but I do have an idea involving some old vinyl that I want to try out. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll have time to do in the morning before work. It may be a bigger project reserved for a day off.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check(ish).
This is more of a cheating check to be quite honest. Before I started this challenge I already had a big pile of clothes and a few old records that were too scratched to play well to get rid of so I just picked 5 things from there.

I’ll definitely be better come Monday because my family will be back at work and I don’t get to see my cousin’s baby very often. Tomorrow will probably be better as well because my mom will be at church when I wake up and she won’t get back until right around the time I leave for work.


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