5 Things Before Noon: Day 4

This day is definitely not going to be complete. I’m only human and since this is really only a personal goal for myself, I’m actually more interested in just being more productive. I don’t actually care if I finish every single thing on my list, but I just want to feel like I’ve done something before work instead of wasting my time. I was actually going to skip a day all together, but then I decided to just do what I could.

I. Yoga – Check.
This morning I did a beginner flexibility and range of motion video by Tara Stiles. If you like yoga and do videos from Youtube you probably know Tara Stiles, and if not you should. Back when I was a doing yoga videos more frequently I used a lot of hers. She does tend to move a little fast for my liking (she’s always moving on to the next move before I’ve even finished my breath), but you can always slow the video down or pause it. I definitely recommend watching it through one time and then playing it again to follow along for some of her videos so you at least know what to expect and can maybe follow along quicker.
Side note: I used to be so much more flexible and now I have to go back to beginner videos. It sucks but when my arthritis got really bad in my knees I lost a lot of strength and flexibility from lack of use. Now, I’ve built a lot of the strength back, but I need to work up my flexibility again.

II. Writing – X.
Since I woke up with barely an hour to do everything I decided to skip writing today (unless you count writing this post every day) because that really isn’t something you can rush. Unless, of course, it’s a college paper the night before it’s due.

III. Portfolio – X.
I’m not going to lie. I skipped this one today purely because I didn’t feel like “working” before work.

IV. Crafts – Check.
I decided to work a little bit more on my knitting since that was something easy and relaxing I could do while sipping my morning coffee. I didn’t expect to get much done, but just a row or two is fine with me.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check.
Today I am getting rid of 6 bikini tops and 3 bottoms. Basically these are all years old and I don’t wear them anymore and I’m making room for the new ones I just ordered from Victoria’s Secret since it’s almost “winter” (*Florida laughs*) and they’re all on clearance. I still have a few left in case my new ones don’t fit or something, but these older one’s I’m getting rid of I just really don’t wear.

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m just being lazy. I’ve actually been getting out of work late almost every day. Especially last night because we got in two adoptable dogs that are boarding with us for a few days until their fosters come to pick them up, and they are super nervous and not very trusting of people yet. I had to sit in the room with them for about 30-40 minutes with a lot of treats before I finally managed to get the slip leads on them and it was still tough to get them out to the yard. This was also after I had sat with them periodically throughout the day with treats and their dinner getting them used to me. Here’s to hoping they make even more progress today!


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