5 Things Before Noon: Day 5

Finally, the last day! I’m not gonna lie. I really don’t want to do anything today. Last night I was thinking: yeah it’s the last day, let’s go out with a bang and do all 5 at least 1 more time. Then I woke up. It is now 10:30, I leave for work at 11:30 and I have done nothing yet except make myself breakfast and put on pants.

I. Yoga – X.
I know this doesn’t count because it wasn’t this morning, but as far as exercise goes I did go on a late night, bare-foot walk with my pup to the lake last night. Obviously it wasn’t yoga either, however, it was quite lovely. The temperature finally dropped down below 80 and we enjoyed a cool breeze with the temperature around 74, and watched the ducks swimming around (probably only to get away from us, so sorry for waking you up ducks).

II. Writing – X.
Skippedy, skip-skip, skiperoo.

III. Portfolio – Check.
I finished my fact sheet today, minus some minor editing that I may do simply because the last few things I added pushed my bottom 2 lines onto the next page (which is just contact information), and I would much rather it neatly fit on one page.

IV. Crafts – Check. 
I decided to relax with some knitting again this morning. I’m still saving the vinyl project for when I have more time, plus I think I need to buy some supplies that I don’t have.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check.
Okay, today I purged some things from my room that aren’t mine, but don’t actually need to be thrown away. I put my little brother’s 3DS back in his room because it’s been on my desk for months. I also gave my mom back an LED bike light she bought me, because my bike has been broken for months and it never got used (still in the package and everything), and the last thing I’m giving back (as soon as I get to work) is a t-shirt I borrowed from a co-worker. One thing I’m actually getting rid of is a pair of large silver-plated hoop earrings that my Nana bought me for some reason….I’ve never worn hoop earrings in my life. Last but not least, I’m getting rid of a broken gold chain from my favourite necklace that I’m finally giving up on because I lost the charm after breaking the chain twice (it’s not real gold, just to clarify, I spent $10 on the necklace but wore it almost every day for almost a year and it never tarnished).

4 out of 5 isn’t bad for the last night if you let me count my late night walk as my morning exercise…….I mean it was almost midnight. If not then I think I can deal with average. C’s get degrees, ammiright? ✌️


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