Buying ‘Garbage House’

It’s been a while since I posted my update mentioning that I was buying a house. For those of you who aren’t aware, the process can be (and was) long and grueling. However, I am happy to say as of May 31st I am officially a homeowner!

excuse the crummy cell phone quality

As you can tell by the name “Garbage House” and the sneak peak pictures in my last post about it, there will be some whopping before and after pictures coming. I still have some work to do before I can move in, but it’s getting very close. I’ve had a lot of help and am extremely grateful for all my friends and family that really did not have to contribute but did purely because they wanted to. That’s when you know you’ve surrounded yourself with some amazing people. I’ve had people painting inside and out, pulling out baseboards, and driving with me to Ikea just to lift my couch for me (with the help of a very kind stranger, because 98 lbs of me really wasn’t helping much on the other side). Not to mention my parents, who are the real MVP’s, doing literally everything else that needs to be done from electrical to air conditioning (yay Florida summer 💀🌴) to patching giant holes in my walls and ceiling.

Someone parked their car right in the middle of my picture. (okay it was me + laziness)

Bear with me on the quality of some of these “before” pictures throughout the posts. I tried to take pictures every step of the way but sometimes I wasn’t there and the result is very low quality pictures from my mom’s phone texted to me. It’s the “after” pictures that really count anyway, right? 💁

S T A Y     T U N E D
(for more pics & stuff, ya know?)



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