Society6 Spotlight + Guessing Game

I found out about Society6 a while ago and always thought it was a neat idea. I’ve even featured a few Society6 pieces in Friday Favourites posts before. Basically, Society6 lets artists post their work and sell it on different types of merchandise from art prints to wall tapestries to pillows and more. All the artists has to do is upload their designs and Society6 does the rest by printing and shipping it, and then they split the profits. The website has a base price for each product to cover their costs and make money, while the artist chooses how much they want to make off each piece and adds it to the base price.


Even though they might not make a lot of money from Society6, I like that it gives me the opportunity to support artists that I normally would not have access to anyway. Plus, the quality of merchandise from Society6 is great and you know it’s going to be consistent no matter which artist you buy from since the actual production and shipment is handled by the company that has access to manufacturing that the artist might not.

Now that I have the new house to decorate (although, it’s currently still undergoing renovations) I finally splurged and bought a couple things off Society6. I wanted to do a post showcasing some of my favourite pieces since I’ve been digging through the website for hours deciding what to buy for myself, and I thought it might be fun to make it a bit of a guessing game as well. So here are a few of my favourite pieces, only 2 of which I actually bought.


Froot Loops by Angela Rizza


Affectionate Relationship by Eugenia Loli


Flower garden by CatyArte




HOME PLANET by Robin Eisenberg



the world in my hand by Narae Kim


Pink Beach by PASTELAE


Hold On by LordofMasks

Now that you’ve seen them, and probably also realized that my tastes vary widely, which 2 do you think I bought? Let me know your guesses in the comments! I will let you know that I bought one of them as a wall tapestry and the other as a decorative pillow, but that really doesn’t help you guess except maybe to visualize the space.

If you’re interested in any of these pieces yourself, or others, there is a site wide 20% off + free shipping sale going on today through midnight. Plus, if you use Ebates you also get 3.5% cash back on Society6. If you’re not using Ebates yet and you do a fair amount of online shopping you really should look into it, but perhaps I’ll do a separate post on that later.

UPDATE: There’s another 20% off + free shipping sale going on July 3rd and 4th!

To be honest, there’s actually a good chance that I might buy a 3rd item from this list today while the sale is going on, but shhhhhhhh…… don’t tell my wallet.


5 thoughts on “Society6 Spotlight + Guessing Game

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    1. Nope!! However, out of all the pieces here those are two of maybe 3 or 4 where I actually really like the artist’s style and most of their work, not just the individual piece. Also, I just followed Agnes Cecile. I feel like you showed me her work before, it seemed familiar.


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