Garbage House: Trashy Treasures

garbage finds

I dream of the day I no longer walk into my backyard empty-handed and come back in with two loaded handfuls of broken glass and other trash. I may never understand what prompts a person to just throw their junk on the ground. Is it really that hard to find a trash can? Mama Earth doesn’t deserve this.

Since I bought Garbage House I have found enough broken glass in my backyard to fill a 5 gallon bucket. Obviously, this is very concerning to me because I have my little wolf to worry about, as well as other people’s dogs (because my friend’s are dog people too, and dog sitting is part of my job). I make it a point every time I go over to work on the house, to go outside and pick up at least 2 handfuls of trash. Thus far I have yet to come back empty-handed, but I know I have to be getting close. The trash is becoming more of a treasure hunt, rather than blatantly obvious litter.

Today’s Treasure Hunt Finds:
a long buried rope
a little plastic horse
St. Patty’s day decor
an old rusted horseshoe

All of this was found along with about 4 more handfuls of broken glass, broken plastic bits of various colours, shards of aluminum can (I don’t really want to know how they did that), more cigarette butts, and other trashy bits of paper and plastic.

Please, oh please, just take care of your trash. Throw it away, recycle it, don’t create it in the first place! Whatever it may be just don’t let it end up like my backyard, and if you do want more tips on living waste-free there are plenty of resources out there. Trash is for Tossers is a great blog to follow, and if Facebook is more your thing you can like the Green Heart Effect page. Trash Responsibly. ✌️


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