Friday Favourites: 25

It’s been a while FF…….

I’ve been trying to stay away from Friday Favourites posts because it had become all my blog was for a while. Initially, it was just to force myself to write something as long as I had a post going up, because I’ve started blogs before and fell through with them every time and always regret it. However, I also didn’t intend for this blog to be one giant wish list, so I’m going to post these much less frequently. I do still find them quite fun though, and hopefully you like them too.

  1. Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum Enamel Pin by Sweet and Lovely
  2. Makensie Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie –  how freaking cute are these, they would look great in my new kitchen *hint hint, wink wink*
  3. Modern Cactus Stripe Throw Pillow by The Ahlgren Collage – If I could willy nilly spend $50 on pillow, this one totally goes with the colours in my living room (or the pink one cactus one). Pro Tip: this shop has super cute tea towels as well.
  4. Rainbow Carrots Tea Towel by The Ahlgren Collage –  Okay, I changed my mind. The tea towels were too cute not to add (see above).
  5. “Paper” Bag Storage by Warm Grey Company – these “paper” bags are the coolest thing ever. They’re washable and reusable because they’re made of natural cellulose fibre.
  6.  Forever a Mermaid Hand Stamped Keychain by Wildflower Vintage – because I need a reminder everywhere I go that I’m a mermaid, obviously. Also, much respect to this shop for packing everything sustainably! Love, love, love.
  7. Herkimer Diamond Ear Threaders by Abiza Jewelry

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Till next time, dolls ✌️


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