5 Things Before Noon: Day 5

Finally, the last day! I’m not gonna lie. I really don’t want to do anything today. Last night I was thinking: yeah it’s the last day, let’s go out with a bang and do all 5 at least 1 more time. Then I woke up. It is now 10:30, I leave for work at 11:30 and I have done nothing yet except make myself breakfast and put on pants.

I. Yoga – X.
I know this doesn’t count because it wasn’t this morning, but as far as exercise goes I did go on a late night, bare-foot walk with my pup to the lake last night. Obviously it wasn’t yoga either, however, it was quite lovely. The temperature finally dropped down below 80 and we enjoyed a cool breeze with the temperature around 74, and watched the ducks swimming around (probably only to get away from us, so sorry for waking you up ducks).

II. Writing – X.
Skippedy, skip-skip, skiperoo.

III. Portfolio – Check.
I finished my fact sheet today, minus some minor editing that I may do simply because the last few things I added pushed my bottom 2 lines onto the next page (which is just contact information), and I would much rather it neatly fit on one page.

IV. Crafts – Check. 
I decided to relax with some knitting again this morning. I’m still saving the vinyl project for when I have more time, plus I think I need to buy some supplies that I don’t have.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check.
Okay, today I purged some things from my room that aren’t mine, but don’t actually need to be thrown away. I put my little brother’s 3DS back in his room because it’s been on my desk for months. I also gave my mom back an LED bike light she bought me, because my bike has been broken for months and it never got used (still in the package and everything), and the last thing I’m giving back (as soon as I get to work) is a t-shirt I borrowed from a co-worker. One thing I’m actually getting rid of is a pair of large silver-plated hoop earrings that my Nana bought me for some reason….I’ve never worn hoop earrings in my life. Last but not least, I’m getting rid of a broken gold chain from my favourite necklace that I’m finally giving up on because I lost the charm after breaking the chain twice (it’s not real gold, just to clarify, I spent $10 on the necklace but wore it almost every day for almost a year and it never tarnished).

4 out of 5 isn’t bad for the last night if you let me count my late night walk as my morning exercise…….I mean it was almost midnight. If not then I think I can deal with average. C’s get degrees, ammiright? ✌️


5 Things Before Noon: Day 4

This day is definitely not going to be complete. I’m only human and since this is really only a personal goal for myself, I’m actually more interested in just being more productive. I don’t actually care if I finish every single thing on my list, but I just want to feel like I’ve done something before work instead of wasting my time. I was actually going to skip a day all together, but then I decided to just do what I could.

I. Yoga – Check.
This morning I did a beginner flexibility and range of motion video by Tara Stiles. If you like yoga and do videos from Youtube you probably know Tara Stiles, and if not you should. Back when I was a doing yoga videos more frequently I used a lot of hers. She does tend to move a little fast for my liking (she’s always moving on to the next move before I’ve even finished my breath), but you can always slow the video down or pause it. I definitely recommend watching it through one time and then playing it again to follow along for some of her videos so you at least know what to expect and can maybe follow along quicker.
Side note: I used to be so much more flexible and now I have to go back to beginner videos. It sucks but when my arthritis got really bad in my knees I lost a lot of strength and flexibility from lack of use. Now, I’ve built a lot of the strength back, but I need to work up my flexibility again.

II. Writing – X.
Since I woke up with barely an hour to do everything I decided to skip writing today (unless you count writing this post every day) because that really isn’t something you can rush. Unless, of course, it’s a college paper the night before it’s due.

III. Portfolio – X.
I’m not going to lie. I skipped this one today purely because I didn’t feel like “working” before work.

IV. Crafts – Check.
I decided to work a little bit more on my knitting since that was something easy and relaxing I could do while sipping my morning coffee. I didn’t expect to get much done, but just a row or two is fine with me.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check.
Today I am getting rid of 6 bikini tops and 3 bottoms. Basically these are all years old and I don’t wear them anymore and I’m making room for the new ones I just ordered from Victoria’s Secret since it’s almost “winter” (*Florida laughs*) and they’re all on clearance. I still have a few left in case my new ones don’t fit or something, but these older one’s I’m getting rid of I just really don’t wear.

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m just being lazy. I’ve actually been getting out of work late almost every day. Especially last night because we got in two adoptable dogs that are boarding with us for a few days until their fosters come to pick them up, and they are super nervous and not very trusting of people yet. I had to sit in the room with them for about 30-40 minutes with a lot of treats before I finally managed to get the slip leads on them and it was still tough to get them out to the yard. This was also after I had sat with them periodically throughout the day with treats and their dinner getting them used to me. Here’s to hoping they make even more progress today!


5 Things Before Noon: Day 3

As the days go by I realize more and more why I have never been a morning person. I don’t know what it is in people that gives them the ability to go to sleep early and pop out of bed in the morning ready for the day, but I do not have that piece. I’ve been trying to go to bed early so that I still get the same amount of sleep, but I just toss and turn all night. Normally, I don’t go to bed until I’m actually tired. I will pretty much continue doing whatever it is I’m doing until I am about to pass out and then I finally go to bed.

As this challenge goes on I feel incrementally more tired every day. The first day I was fine, I had actually been tired the night before so I fell asleep easy and I woke up fine. Then the second day I couldn’t fall asleep the night before and I woke up a pretty sleepy, but today was the worst so far. I tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep last night, and I didn’t even try to go to bed until a little after midnight. I think I laid in bed an extra 30-40 minutes this morning and just felt utterly too tired to get up. Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be better, because I honestly thought it would get easier as the days went on to wake up early. I guess it just takes a while to change your schedule, even if it’s only by an hour.

I. Yoga – Check.
I did a 15 minute video this morning so that totally makes up for the lost 5 minutes yesterday, right? Just kidding. I did this video, which was made for women during their shark week. Obviously men can do it too, it just particularly targets your lower back area and relieving cramps. It wasn’t super life changing or anything, but it did offer a little relief.

II. Writing – Check.
Today I actually worked on my favourite poem from my poetry class in college that I never finished. I technically finished it as far as the assignment went, but my professor wanted me to continue it. I had about 4 or 5 couplets with a crummy get-this-over-with ending that he hated, and basically told me to nix the ending and create “about 100 more of those couplets.” Maybe if I ever decide it’s finished I’ll post in on the blog.

III. Portfolio – X.
I skipped this one for the first time, because honestly I didn’t feel like working on the fact sheet again and I didn’t have time to really dive into anything social media or event related.

IV. Crafts – X.
Okay, I skipped this one again. I just don’t think I feel very crafty in the morning. If I had more time I would have done some more knitting on my blanket, but I decided that leaving early to stop at Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino was more important today. Plus, I wanted to get my co-worker something on the way to work because she had to make the tough decision to put down her hedgehog last night due to medical reasons. Of course, coffee isn’t going to do much in the way of healing wounds, but it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a pick me up regardless.

V. Purge 5 Things
2 old bars of chocolate from my bookshelf, 2 notebooks that I’ve had since middle school, and 2 used up candles. I was actually going to re-purpose at least one of the candle jars, but then I realized it must have been dropped at some point because there’s a crack running the entire length of the jar. I suppose it’s into the recycling for both of them.

Does purging 1 extra item give me some bonus points towards skipping portfolio and crafts today?



5 Things Before Noon: Day 2

Day 2 went moderately well, but I did cheat a bit. This was because it is a Saturday and while I still have the same amount of time before work, my family was also home from work whereas normally they’re at work. On top of that, my cousin and his fiance came by with their baby so I wanted to spend time visiting with them.

I. Yoga – Check.
This one is sort of a half check really. I said I would do at least a 10 minute video and I only did a 5 minute one this morning. Technically I picked the video itself because it was 10 minutes long, but as soon as it started the instructor started talking about how this was a 5 minute routine she does when she doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning. Instead of picking another video I just did that one and then did a few extra stretches of my own since I went to bed with wet hair and woke up with a really stiff neck and back, which I guess counts.

II. Writing – X.
Due to spending time with my baby cousin I skipped this one today. Family is important.👍

III. Portfolio – Check.
I continued to work on the fact sheet from yesterday for the same nonprofit. Yesterday I worked on a section about their history and today I moved on to talk about their veterinary clinic. If you’re curious and don’t already know what it is I want to do, I want to work for an animal welfare nonprofit doing the events and social media type stuff. Of course, it’s nonprofit so you really wind up doing whatever it is they need you to in addition.

IV. Crafts – X.
Same as writing, I skipped this one today to spend time with my baby cousin, but I do have an idea involving some old vinyl that I want to try out. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll have time to do in the morning before work. It may be a bigger project reserved for a day off.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check(ish).
This is more of a cheating check to be quite honest. Before I started this challenge I already had a big pile of clothes and a few old records that were too scratched to play well to get rid of so I just picked 5 things from there.

I’ll definitely be better come Monday because my family will be back at work and I don’t get to see my cousin’s baby very often. Tomorrow will probably be better as well because my mom will be at church when I wake up and she won’t get back until right around the time I leave for work.


5 Things Before Noon: Day 1

Day 1 of my 5 Things Challenge went a little like this:

I. Yoga – Check.
I did a 10 minute yoga video this morning that was a moderate success, but certainly made more difficult by my dog. Nonetheless, I still did it.

II. Writing – Check.
Today’s writing wasn’t much, but I’m still counting it. I did my Friday Favourites post because it’s Friday and otherwise it wouldn’t have been done. Granted it really isn’t much in the way of writing, but I said I would count blog posts (and I’m also writing this one).

III. Portfolio –  Check.
I worked on a Fact Sheet for a local nonprofit that I would theoretically love to get a job at if the position opened up. I should start volunteering and getting involved with them, but unfortunately my work schedule doesn’t give me weekends off almost ever and that is generally speaking when a lot of events are. The fact sheet helped me get to know the nonprofit better as well as working on some PR formatting that I haven’t used in a while.

IV. Crafts – Check.
I didn’t have a lot of time for this one (especially since my cat jumped on my keyboard and hit some button that made it not function correctly and I had to scramble to figure it out for 15 minutes so I could post this before leaving for work), but instead of just skipping it and doing nothing I decided to purl one row of the blanket I’m knitting. It’s just one panel of the blanket so it’s not even very big, but I figure it’s better than nothing. Baby steps.

V. Purge 5 Things – Check.

  1. A pair of work pants that ripped in the butt over a month ago, but I haven’t thrown them out yet because they were my favourite pair and I’m upset about it.
  2. Hand-me-down shorts from an old roommate that fit, but I have never worn. Note even once in the year or so that I’ve had them.
  3. A beanie that I’ve had since high school and haven’t worn in years.
  4. TMNT arm bands and keychain, these were a cute birthday present from a co-worker but I don’t have any real use for them so I’m going to give them to my little cousin.
  5. Crispy M&M’s that are of an uncertain age. They’re actually one of my favourites, which goes to show how little I eat candy.


Here’s to tomorrow hoping I can do the same if not better! Though it’s a Saturday so the house will be full. I may have to keep myself shut in my room away from distractions or something.


Friday Favourites: 21

Happy Friday, guys!

1. French Poppa T-Shirt by Chris Piascik

2. H O K U S A I || tribal ceramic bowl planter by mbundy

3. Always Hungry Pin by Danny Brito; my constant state of being.

4. Peanuts Enamel Pin by Heartificial; also my constant state of being….
il_570xn-1093819581_ddz05. Rose Gold Earrings from Borcik; sometimes you just want pretty shiny things, and that’s okay.

6. Gold Layering Necklaces from Layered and Long 

As always, I hope everyone has a good weekend and for all those near Hurricane Matthew, stay safe ✌️


5 Things Before Noon

Due to the type of job that I have my work shifts are generally all over the place and change weekly, so it’s near impossible to get on a good schedule. Especially when you wind up with “clopen” shifts. If you don’t work in retail or a similar type of public service job, or have just never heard the term “clopen” it’s when you have a closing shift one night and then open the store the next morning. It’s super great (*sarcasm*) because you wind up getting like 5 hours of sleep or less sometimes. Of course, it depends on what time your store opens and closes, but considering I work with dogs we can’t really leave them for too long. Even though our market doesn’t open until 10 the workers in the hotel (which is my job) still have to be in by 6 or 7 in the morning to start feeding and walking the dogs.

Miraculously this week my schedule is actually 5 consistent days and times in a row, which is super rare. It’s a bit of a bummer because I don’t have any morning shifts so I won’t be getting out of work until 8 or 9 every night, but it is kind of nice that I will actually be working the same time every day this week. I’ll even get a Wednesday/Thursday “weekend,” which is just what I consider getting two days off in a row  (we rarely get Saturdays or Sundays off).

Since I won’t be going into work until noon every day for the next 5 days I’ve decided to challenge myself to wake up early instead of sleeping in till 10:30-11ish, and be productive with my time. For these next 5 days I’m challenging myself to do 5 things before noon. In all honesty it will actually be before 11:30ish because then I have to leave for work, but that doesn’t work as well for a challenge title.

My 5 Things Before Noon:

I. Yoga – I’m going to try and start the morning doing at least a 10 minute yoga video. I love yoga, but I’m awful at following through and keeping up with things. I’m pretty sure my yoga mat has been rolled up in the closet for months. I may throw in some other exercises as well if I feel like it but this is at least my starting point.

II. Writing – This could be blog posts, or poetry, or really anything. I just want to make sure I dedicate some time to sitting down and writing. Far too often I let distractions get in the way. Even writing this post took me 2 days because I started it and then got distracted watching a bunch of Youtube videos. This writing time will be distraction free. I may put some non-disruptive music on or something, but I’m not going to let myself put on Netflix or Youtube like I typically do.

III. Portfolio – I’m not 100% positive on how I want to do this yet, but I’ll allow for brainstorming during this time as well. Basically, I graduated with my degree in Communication and a focus on Public Relations in December and I have yet to find a job in my field. Ideally, I really wanted to work for an animal welfare nonprofit as the Events Coordinator or a similar position. Essentially I’d do all the fundraising events and such, and typically run the social media as well. The problem is nobody wants to hire a kid fresh out of college with nothing but internship experience. I’ve had a few interviews but they all wanted the people with years of PR experience over me. I want to dedicate this time in the morning to making theoretical social media plans, events, or anything that I would be doing in my ideal job and add it to a sort of portfolio that I could show a future employer. I’m also interested in finding something like a smaller volunteer run nonprofit that would perhaps let me help run the social media or something just to get experience, while still fitting around my work schedule.

IV. Crafts – I have a lot of arts and crafts type stuff and I hardly ever do anything with it. I am also the absolute worst at starting things and never finishing them. I currently have unfinished paintings, knitted blankets, and other various projects littered throughout my room. I want to take this time to work on finishing some of those and possibly starting other smaller projects that can be finished in one go.

V. Purge 5 things – I tend to collect a lot of clutter. I don’t mean to… but it happens. Plus, I moved from my duplex in college back into my room at my parents, so I have a house full of junk in one tiny room (minus the furniture which we sold most of). My room has literally never been clean since I moved back in December because there’s just too much stuff. Some of it is even still stacked in boxes, so I want to take this time to clean small sections of my room a little bit every day and to purge at least 5 things that I really don’t need.

This is my challenge for the next 5 days, and I will be posting updates on how I’m doing with it all. I may continue next week depending on my work schedule, which I won’t know until near the end of the work week (running Friday to Thursday). For now, wish me luck. ✌️