5 Things Before Noon: Day 4

This day is definitely not going to be complete. I'm only human and since this is really only a personal goal for myself, I'm actually more interested in just being more productive. I don't actually care if I finish every single thing on my list, but I just want to feel like I've done something... Continue Reading →

Friday Favourites: 6

In honor of National Puppy Day being this week, this FF is specially dog themed. Here's some of my favourite super rad products and things for your canine companions, and even a little something for yourself.Ā šŸ‘Œ 1. Jolly Ball; This sucker may not look like much, but I cannot recommend it enough for destructive dogs.... Continue Reading →

Little Wolf: Raw, kibble, BARF???

There are a lot of options when it comes to feeding your dog... like too many. Lately, I've been toying with the idea of feeding Adakias homemade dog food because I am so terribly unhappy with all of the kibble options on the market. They're either too expensive or full of cheap fillers and crappy... Continue Reading →

Little Wolf: Adakias

Let me introduce you guys to my "little wolf," AdakiasĀ (and because everyone always asks me, it's pronounced: A-duh-kai-us). He's basically my life right now. This handsome fella just turned one year old on January 25th and I love him to bits, even though he likes to make my lifeĀ complicated. Unfortunately for both of us, my... Continue Reading →

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