Friday Favourites: 25

It's been a while FF....... I've been trying to stay away from Friday Favourites posts because it had become all my blog was for a while. Initially, it was just to force myself to write something as long as I had a post going up, because I've started blogs before and fell through with them every... Continue Reading →


Buying ‘Garbage House’

It's been a while since I posted my update mentioning that I was buying a house. For those of you who aren't aware, the process can be (and was) long and grueling. However, I am happy to say as of May 31st I am officially a homeowner! As you can tell by the name "Garbage... Continue Reading →

5 Things Before Noon: Day 2

Day 2 went moderately well, but I did cheat a bit. This was because it is a Saturday and while I still have the same amount of time before work, my family was also home from work whereas normally they're at work. On top of that, my cousin and his fiance came by with their... Continue Reading →

Quick Update: 9 Things

Hi, guys! I realize I've been MIA from the blog recently, save for the occasional Friday Favourites post, and that's because I've been busy actually having a social life when I'm not at work. Weird right?! I went from rarely doing anything outside of work to having to schedule double plans in a day and... Continue Reading →

Branching Out: Comfort Zones

As I mentioned in my previous "Branching Out" post, these are all about trying new things, and even getting back into things that I've gotten out of the habit of doing for a while. This particular post deals with a little of both, or rather the antithesis of, really. If you think about the opposite... Continue Reading →

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