5 Things Before Noon: Day 4

This day is definitely not going to be complete. I'm only human and since this is really only a personal goal for myself, I'm actually more interested in just being more productive. I don't actually care if I finish every single thing on my list, but I just want to feel like I've done something... Continue Reading →

5 Things Before Noon: Day 2

Day 2 went moderately well, but I did cheat a bit. This was because it is a Saturday and while I still have the same amount of time before work, my family was also home from work whereas normally they're at work. On top of that, my cousin and his fiance came by with their... Continue Reading →

5 Things Before Noon

Due to the type of job that I have my work shifts are generally all over the place and change weekly, so it's near impossible to get on a good schedule. Especially when you wind up with "clopen" shifts. If you don't work in retail or a similar type of public service job, or have... Continue Reading →

Friday Favourites: 7

Fun Fact: 7 is one of my favourite numbers. Quite appropriate for a FF, wouldn't ya say? My actual favourite is 57, and there is literally no reasoning behind that. 1. Colourpop Trap; if you don't already use Colourpop products you totally should. They're amazing, and quite literally the only make-up thing I own. To... Continue Reading →

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